Video production is the process of producing video content. It is the equivalent of filmmaking, but with images recorded digitally instead of on film stock.Production is the phase of video production which captures the video content (moving images / videography) and involves filming the subject(s) of the video.



ü  Discussion of the process from concept to delivery

ü  Discussion of software and hardware options

ü  Scoping the project: deciding what is realistic

ü  Camera techniques: hints and tips

ü  Exposure, shutter speed and gain

ü  Using manual settings

ü  Planning the production process

ü  Interview techniques

ü  Planning the shoot

ü  Risk assessment

ü  Debrief

The shoot

ü  The day will be spent shooting the required video footage on location

ü  Assessing safety

ü  Shooting general views (GVs)

ü  Shooting closeup detail

ü  Static and moving shots

ü  Shooting interviews

ü  Sound for interviews

ü  Capturing wild track sound

Editing techniques

ü  Looking at video files and settings

ü  Looking at the Premiere or Final Cut Pro interface

ü  Using shortcuts

ü  Planning your structure

ü  Effective logging techniques

ü  Connecting and configuring camera to computer

ü  Capturing material

ü  Basic editing procedures

ü  Working with sound

ü  Applying Transitions

ü  Rendering issues

Editing the project

ü  A discussion of core editing skills

ü  Planning your edit

ü  Importing footage and stills

ü  Editing interviews effectively

ü  Working with timelines

ü  Adding special effects

ü  Working with sound

ü  Choosing music

ü  Importing music

ü  Editing voiceovers

ü  Editing your project under guidance

Finishing and deliver

ü  Adding caption

ü  Working with Photoshop graphics

ü  Sound sweetening

ü  Using filters

ü  Color balancing

ü  Delivery to broadcast

ü  Delivery to YouTube or Vimeo

ü  Delivery to social media platforms

ü  Compression techniques


ü  Archiving your project