Banner is a graphical web-advertising unit.Banners become the major part of the World Wide Web world. Ad copywriters continuously look for new designs to grab the visitors’ attention and compel them to click on banner. In order to insist viewers it is necessary that banner should arouse the visitor’s curiosity.


ü  Different types of banner ads

ü  Banner specs and sizes

ü  Storyboarding your ad

Designing your ad

ü  Vector vs pixel-based ads

ü  Designing for multiple platforms

ü  Screen resolution issues

ü  Generating artwork from scratch

ü  Reusing existing artwork

ü  Understanding images slices

ü  Working with text in Photoshop

ü  Optimizing image quality and size

ü  Exporting your artwork

Prototyping your ad

ü  Browser compatibility and semantic elements

ü  Working with the grid

ü  Designing for smartphones

ü  Designing for tablet devices

ü  Designing for the desktop

ü  Creating the wireframe

HTML and CSS essentials

ü  Producing the wireframe as HTML

ü  Understanding background images

ü  Using an existing HTML template

ü  Using HTML to display your prototype pages

ü  Briefing web developers

ü  Maintaining backwards compatibility

Making your ad work for you

ü  Using a strong call to action

ü  Creating a sense of urgency


ü  Tracking impressions and clicks