Vector graphics are computer graphics images that are defined in terms of 2D points, which are connected by lines and curves to form polygons and other shapes.

Introduction – working in 2D

  • Setting up a drawing
  • Navigating around the application
  • Drawing size and working to scale
  • Working with units
  • Creating objects by eye and by co-ordinate entry
  • Modifying and repeating objects
  • 2D tools
  • Snap tools
  • Dimensions
    Assigning attributes
    Using resources – symbols, images, hatches

Working with duplicate array

  • Mirror duplicating
  • Rotation and arcs
  • Snap to object
  • Dimensioning
  • Introduction to classes
  • Examples and case studies

Working in 3D

  • Creating walls, extrusions and roofs
  • Further use of classes and saved sheets
  • Multiple extrudes, sweeps and meshes
  • Walls from polygons
  • Parametric symbols

3D primitives

  • Using domes, spheres, cones and blocks
  • Fly around, walkthrough and set 3D view
  • Importing and exporting to other applications

Spreadsheets and databases

  • Creating record formats
  • Attaching symbols to records
  • Amending data on an object
  • Creating automatic and custom worksheets
  • Linking text to a record
  • Using ‘intelligent title blocks’
  • Schedule and area calculations
  • Workgroup referencing


  • Assigning textures to an object
  • Importing and mapping textures
  • Setting lighting
  • Rendering images
  • Creating still frames and animations

Architectural features

  • Architect concepts
  • Setting up an Architect Title block
  • Redlining
  • Key notes and text notes
  • Issue manager
  • Assigning and extracting data
  • Space planning and bubble diagrams
  • Scheduling and reports
  • Introduction to Render Works
  • Architect parametric objects


  • Landmark concepts
  • Setting up a Landmark Title block
  • Key notes and text notes
  • Issue manager
  • Assigning and extracting data
  • Inputting site surveys
  • Site modelling and rendering (Introduction to Render Works)
  • Plant manager
  • Creating and adding roads, pads, plants, trees and irrigation