A business card is a small, printed, usually credit-card-sized paper card that holds your business details, such as name, contact details and brand logo. Your business card design is an essential part of your branding and should act as a visual extension of your brand design.


ü  What is business cad.

ü  Why we need it?

ü  Design Principles

ü  Business Cards & Branding

ü  Types of business card.

ü  Standard business card.

ü  Premium business card.

ü  Matte business card.

ü  Gloss business card.

ü  Embossed business card.

ü  What programs to use (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and Microsoft Word)

ü  What are the elements of a business card?

ü  The bleed

ü  The trim zone

ü  The safe zone and the text zone

ü  What orientation: portrait or landscape.

ü  What information you put?

ü  The name of Business or Organization

ü  The name of Individual, the job title, the address, the phone number.

ü  How you arrange the information

ü  How you design a business card

ü  how you choose color

ü  Fonts, sizes

ü  Images/logo

ü  How and where you can sell


ü  How to be inspired and promote your work