A custom logo is a logo design that is custom made for you and your business. This means that the logo is not something that they have done before for another business. Custom logos include the input of the business owner. … Your logo will be your own. It will be unique and set you apart from your competitors.



  1. What is logo
  2. What it represents.
  3. Basic rules of logo making.
  4. Types of logo
  5. Designing Emblem Logos
  6. Designing Wordmark Logos
  7. Designing Symbolic Logos
  8. Designing Combination mark Logos
  9. Designing Letter mark Logos

2.Client Interaction:

  1. Logo design information sheet
  2. How to get clients
  3. Setting up your meeting
  4. The client meeting
  5. Pricing a branding package
  6. Project proposal/contract

3.Project Research:

  1. Mind Mapping
  2. Coming up with ideas
  3. How to take a screenshot
  4. Sketching out ideas
  5. Books with inspiration
  6. Online inspiration

4.Building Your Logo:

  1. Creating a NEW CLIENT folder
  2. Setting up your document
  3. Type tool basics & effects
  4. Enhancing with gradients
  5. Finding & installing free fonts
  6. The pathfinder tools

5.Finalizing Your Logo:

  1. Saving a full branding package
  2. Exporting elements for web & print
  3. Outlining / Expanding elements
  4. Refining with the pathfinder
  5. Sending drafts / proofs
  6. Receiving final payment